Whole 30 – Aftermath

It’s officially been a week since whole 30 ended. It feels simultaneously like a lifetime ago and like it’s still going on. It took me eleven hours on Thursday from getting out of bed until I ate something that was non-compliant with the Whole 30 lifestyle. In the office I continued to eat my breakfast bake, fruits, the chicken fajitas salad “thing,” and sip on my black coffee as if Whole 30 just kept going… what has become of me. Meg and I had sushi for dinner on Thursday and we both just scarfed it down. Not that you don’t have flavors with Whole 30 meals, but this sushi was what my life had been missing. The only way it could have been more exciting was if someone was standing over me with a stop watch timing as I devoured it.

And then it happened… I tasted whiskey again. Oh. My. Gawd. I missed you. So much. The oaky flavor filled my palette as I showed as much restraint as possible by not downing my entire old fashion in one fell swoop. My life again is complete.

I’ve been very surprised this past week how hesitant I’ve been to jump back into “regular” foods. I knew healthy habits would continue, but I’ve been impressed by my own restraint. Salads, instead of Mac & Cheese at Panera, fruit cups, instead of chips with my sandwich, I even passed on cake that was just sitting in my office… like the good shit too. I’ve voluntarily made myself more potatoes and veggies, who knows how long I can keep this all up.

Whole Thirty was great to take some time off of drinking, flush out my system and learn healthy habits. I lost fifteen pounds, gained a ton of energy during the day at work, but really what I took away from this whole experience was a new healthy lifestyle. And while I  consumed alcohol for five straight days in the aftermath, I’ve yet to consume any fast food, and haven’t eaten any cheese just by itself…who have I become?

Do I recommend doing the whole thirty? Can you clear your social calendar for thirty entire days? If so, then sure! As long as you can find someone to do it with you/shop with you/and prepare over sixty percent of your meals. Pro tip: it helps if your roommate is doing it too!

I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who read this blog and for all of your support, I couldn’t have done it without all the help! Special shout out to Meg though, for who I truly couldn’t have done this without! For all the shopping, meal prep and just putting up with me when I was hungry/grumpy, thank you!!

Stay tuned for my next blog when I spend 30 days living without electricity!


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