Day 30

Well folks. We made it. 30 days, no carbs, dairy, alcohol or added sugars! In a sick twist of fate there is a pizza party at the office today. They couldn’t wait one more day. One more day to indulge in gooey cheesy goodness. It had to be today. I munched on a bag of carrots while my co-workers brought slices of cheese, meat lovers and Hawaiian back to their desks and reflected on how accomplished I felt. Never in my life did I ever consider doing something like this. I only actually learned of the whole thirty a few months ago and pretty much laughed off the idea…who would ever really want to do that, but here I am. I’ve gone to the place where the possible and the impossible meet, to become… the possimpible. [Sorry if you didn’t watch HIMYM]

After work I went home, cooked up some more potatoes, green beans and hotdogs and settled in for a night on the couch watching network TV and waiting out my final hours of Whole 30.


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