Day 28-29

Week five of breakfast bake, and somehow I still don’t hate it… who knew you could eat something day in and day out and not go insane. The food really isn’t that bad, plenty of good tasty foods have been consumed over the duration of the last four weeks. I throughly enjoyed the chicken fajitas salad Meg has made for lunch and I really don’t mind slicing up some potatoes, cooking some chicken and veggies for dinner, but I’m just so over this all. The psychological aspect of just not being able to eat or drink whatever you want whenever is exhausting; all I want bowl of mac and cheese and a glass of bourbon… is that so much to ask!?

For dinner on Monday I actually made food for Meg! Baked red potatoes and broccoli, chicken sausage and turkey burgers over a bed of mixed greens topped with avocado! I have found that while I occasionally get frustrated in the kitchen when things don’t go the way I’m expecting to (Sorry Meg) I do enjoy cooking and hope to continue after this is all over! [No more turkey burgers though; if I never eat one of those things again in my life I won’t be sad about it.]

Tuesday droned on. One more day. I can’t wait for this to be done. So close, and yet so far away. Foods consisted of the usual: breakfast bake, banana, apple, chicken with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa and guac spread [the peppers really weren’t cutting it, so the chicken fajita salad became more of a mix of things on a plate]. Back at the home front Meg brought over some Lund’s salads for dinner which really have become a staple of my Whole 30 experience. If they didn’t run me $7.99/lb I probably would just camp out there and eat them for every meal!

One. More. Day.


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