Day 26

Between not being hungover on the weekends or being able to enjoy the usual activities a twenty-something does i.e. bars, breweries, distilleries; my weekends have turned into forty -eight hours of errands. [Meg stopped me here to inform you all that yes, we do other things such as get lunch, make food, and we went to Spyhouse today and read for awhile. Essentially, we’re not just hermits and errand running machines.] An exciting development is that I’ve noticed that most of my jeans/khakis fit better and are almost too lose! Which led us to the Eagan outlets to pick up a few new pairs. It was invigorating. After running to Goodwill and stopping at Lunds, it was back home to make some dinner. Baked potatoes and broccoli curiosity of Meg and I broiled up some tasty pork chops. We had a slight crisis where I burned the bottoms a little, but after I kept my composure, they actually turned out really well!

I wish I could continue here, go on and tell you all the fun things I did that were Whole 30 compliant on Saturday night, but honestly I threw my sweats on at 7:30PM and never changed out of them… Meg and I enjoyed our dinner, (wine & whiskey free) did the dishes, and laid on the couch and read for an hour before calling it a night around 10:30PM. If you’re reading this and considering attempting the Whole 30 for yourself, no one has probably told you yet that along with the change in eating, your social life also ages by two decades….


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