Day 25

Parties on the Whole 30 are a blast. You get to show up, hang out with a bunch of your friends and watch them consume alcohol and snacks while you sip away on the Lacroix you brought and munch on a Larabar when the cravings become to much. But in all seriousness, I really did enjoy myself at Mr. Tyson’s surprise birthday party tonight. It was fun just to converse and hang out with friends; Whole 30 is definitely easier when you have others around with you participating; shouts out to Melby & Alex for all of the added support!

You really would be surprised at what you notice you miss and what you don’t miss on W30. Would it have been nice to drink with my friends? Definitely. Was it really hard not to munch on the snacks there? Surprisingly not. Do you get tired much faster when you’re staying up later and not drinking? You do. Will I enjoy not being hungover tomorrow? I will.

Lunds’ salads have become a go to staple for W30 eating out. Everyone gets what they want and they actually are pretty tasty with a pretty good selection. As good as these salads have become though I can not wait to sink my teeth into a juicy cheeseburger… it can’t come soon enough. [Burger is image is the best burger I’ve ever had Spotted Pig NYC]


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