Day 24

Do you know what’s Whole 30 compliant at a Timberwolves game? Nothing. You heard it here first, Whole 30 really sucks when you and your bro just want to go out, grab a few beers and go to the game and scarf down $45 of stadium food. On the plus side, you do save a few bucks and don’t feel like shit later; now if only the Wolves could have held onto that game, but life goes on.

I’m starting to get some serious anxieties about what my first meal will be. On the one hand you feel pressure to pick something great, but on the other hand you don’t want to overdue and feel like shit all of the next day. All things in moderation, including moderation. Meg has informed me numerous times about how she’s looking forward to some multi-grain toast with Trader Joe’s peanut butter [allegedly, it’s the best.] I’m thinking much better; maybe a few pieces of toast smothered with butter, followed up by huge sandwich at lunch and a nice huge bowl of Mac & Cheese for dinner while downing a few brews. I can’t wait.

Trying to ration the food Meg has given me for the week I found another taco bar at work today and went to town on making myself a hopefully compliant taco salad. I’m kind of getting to the point where the meat was “close enough” to be assumed compliant, so I’m going to go ahead and stuff my face with all the non-dairy, non-carb items that I can. God; what I would give for a real taco.

I’ve noticed lately food has been popping up in my dreams more and more. An ice cream cake here, rice pilaf there, even just straight up bread and butter sometimes. Who knew you could fantasize about food so much, but it’s happening… six more days.


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