Day 22

Ah Tuesday. And just like that my energy levels returned and productivity soared. It felt good to have all this energy back in my life. The evils of yesterday have dissipated and I was ready to concur the day! Carpe that Diem!! Arrival to the office was met with the usual barrage of emails and large black coffee from Caribou. I’ve recently upgraded from medium coffees to large; I’m liking the new me. The morning flew by and I barely remembered I needed to eat! Breakfast bake day sixteen! While this shit is good, you do kind of get sick eating the same thing day after day, but it was still tasty. Lunch came before I knew it. It was more delicious chicken salad before jumping into a few meetings for that afternoon.

Meeting one had ended a little late and while I was in the conference room having a riveting discussion about student loan borrowers rehabbed loans that’s when I saw it coming down the hall. I knew right away what it was and my heart sank. It’s in the white box with the clear top, and the colors were just there showing off the beautiful flowers… A Costco sheet cake. I forgot it was our monthly team appreciation meeting and cake would be served. This is the worst day of my life. I’m supposed to just watch people consume this heavily goodness while I stand around and make light conversation and pretend not to notice? Not today, not now. I went back to my desk and got back to work, only for the cake to follow me. Half an hour later it showed up by our desks, still a third there, just asking to be eaten and all I could do was helplessly stare, and silently dread what I have done to myself.

Back home I grabbed my car and was off to pick up dinner. Chipotle. Now, I just have to say this, I’m over Chipotle. I used to be a huge fan of their massive burritos, a little treat, and then I switched over to bowls. Still just as tasty with a little less guilt or all the carbs. The Chiptole downtown in U.S. Bank Plaza is fantastic. Those people took new meaning to the assembly line. Any other Chipotle you go to? Not so much. I continue to encounter sub-par service, long lines, and certain toppings unavailable. None-the-less, out in Coon Rapids I waited my ten minutes in line, and picked up my bowls, which I was very less than thrilled about the portions they’re dishing out these days… do I need to ask to have an adult size… and was on my way. All the while I could see the Chick-Fil-A staring me down from across the strip mall… eight more days.



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