Day 21

I. Am. Over. Whole. 30… To quote the “Friends” today I was definitely stuck in second gear. A bad case of the Mondays.  All day I was just completely out of it; no motivation, no energy. After arriving in the office shortly before nine I tried to get some work done and putzed around at my desk until it was time for week four of breakfast bake, and boy did I gobble that shit down. A little late morning coffee and it was back to my desk to look busy while I waited out this funk. The funk never ended. Lunch comprised of Meg’s chicken salad which was quite tasty, and a later afternoon snack of an apple. Enough was enough, I was over today and heading out of the office. I called Meg on my way to the bus stop to pout about how out of it was only to hear that she had felt the same way all day… It wasn’t until then that I realized what was going on…we had to have ate something over the weekend that wasn’t complaint. Perkins Brunch? Vision Christmas Party? Bacon for breakfast or grill meat for lunch? Lot of possibilities, but which one of these devil foods did this to me!! I had to know.

When I got on the bus I immediately realized I left my keys at my office. Do I go all the way back or just say screw it and wait for Erik and Alex to let me in? Screw it, I went home; today need to be over. Once home I baked up a bunch of veggies, and made myself one hell of a salad, if I don’t say so myself! As the evening went on I definitely gained more energy and felt better, I had to have ate something I shouldn’t have, which just makes me very concerned about “re-entry” into normal foods… am I just going to feel like crap the whole time while I get accumulated back to to carbs, dairy and boozes?? What is a guy to do??


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