Day 19

Brunch, out in public. Meg assured me that the bomb-ass build your own omelet bar we we’re going to in Richfield would be Whole 30 compliant, and I was stoked; only to find out when we arrived at 11:30 they stopped serving brunch foods at 11AM on Saturdays…. I despise the suburbs. Couple quick decisions later and we we’re off to the “cute” Perkins close to Southdale. The Western omelet may have not been “completely complaint” depending on what the eggs had been cooked with, but Meg said she has been very proud of me and allowed me to consume it along with some fresh fruit. 6/10 stars.

Brunch was followed up by a grocery trip to Trader Joe’s and I’ll be the first one to say it; TJ>>Whole Foods. We got most of what was needed for the week with what I considered reasonable prices. We only needed to stop at Lund’s to pick up some LaCroix and Italian Sausage for breakfast bake #blessed.

After grocery shopping I had just enough time to watch the Gophers not be able to close out the Badgers and lose at the buzzer in OT; the heartbreak. Off to the Vision Companies Christmas party. Let me tell you, if you’re going to go to a party on Whole 30, go to one where a third of the people are doing it… I gorged myself on compliant wings, pulled pork, veggies and three LaCroix to the point where I barely noticed the blocks of cheese and cookies and brownie platter. I have to tip my hat to Vision for all the great food and the view! After Vision we headed over to SLP for Rio’s birthday gathering. Similar to Friday night I found it easier than expected to socialize with friends without a drink in my hand. I did find myself getting sleepier as the night went along. Shots of espresso may be a good afternoon dinner idea before going out sober. As the evening wound down the usual suspects geared up to head out to the bars and I knew my night was drawing to a close. After a quick round of goodbyes it was home to bed  to gear up for day twenty tomorrow!


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