Day 18

So we made it to Friday! Another week at work done, another week on the Whole 30 in the bag. The bagels and cream cheese sitting out in the break area at work this morning didn’t even tempt me! It’s almost scary who I’ve become… I sailed through my six and a half hour work day, eating my food as I became hungry, eagerly awaiting the weekend to arrive. This weekend will bring my first actual big tests on the Whole 30: two birthday parties, Meg’s work Christmas party and a Packer NFC Championship game party… bring it on, but also just please let me drink and eat.

Worked ended, and I went home for my weekly Friday after work nap. I made myself dinner consisting of broiled burgers, potatoes and some green beans, which actually was not tasty. Burgers may not have been fully thawed, anyway it was wildly disappointing. After shoving food in my mouth I was out the door and on my way to Emerson for Dayna’s birthday where a huge chocolate cake would greet me… oh the humanity. I will say though that after being provided with an emergency snack of a hot dog and veggies I thoroughly enjoyed myself hanging out with friends and playing games sober as others enjoyed their libations.

Later in the evening we headed off to Eat Street Social for cocktails and more time spent with friends. And while this fine establishment provided a relaxing setting with great ambiance it was much harder to refrain from the drinking at this rowdy tavern. Svatek proposed moving the party to Stella’s which sounded like my actual nightmare.

Once home and reflecting on the evening I was surprised at my realization that the thing I craved the most from the evening was not a tasty cocktail, but rather that chocolate cake that had rudely stared me down earlier… twelve more days.


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