Day 15-17

According to the most recent Five Thirty Eight polling numbers 14.7 million U.S. households read this blog weekly. To you, my readership, I’m deeply sorry for my lack of blogging over the past week. All I can say is that the Whole 30 lifestyle has become quite routine. Banana and breakfast bake in the morning, Meg’s packed lunch mid-afternoon, an apple and a some turkey deli meat late afternoon and home for dinner for some sort of meat, veggies and usually potatoes.

Yep, it’s a glamorous lifestyle.

People continue to ask how’s it going, and what changes have I noticed. I’m told I look thinner, but the biggest change that I personally have noticed has been my energy levels at work. I was notorious for crashing around 2:00PM. Just having no energy, to the point where you contemplate crawling under your desk, and using your coat as a pillow. But now, I consistently have energy all day, no crash. Not sure about the reasoning.. I’m not a scientist, but I do enjoy the productivity and energy.

I have to admit, the food is actually pretty good. I find myself eating less and rarely hungry. Three weeks in of eating breakfast bake and I’m still not sick of it. Who knew sweet potatoes, spinach, eggs and Italian sausage all MIXED together and baked together for twenty minutes could be so tasty!! Fruit, good. Meg’s lunches, usually good! Salads, good! Just wish I could toss some grated cheese at on that B, ja feel?

Meg and I have taken different approaches to our social lives while on the Whole 30, hers continues on like nothing has changed. Simply avoiding alcohol at happy hours, and almost enjoying the challenge of ordering compliant foods while going out to dinner or brunching. Me, on the other hand, have taken the route of sequestering myself to the confines of home. This week I got nearly completely caught up on my DVR, while reading two magazines and the paper,daily…. it’s been a real big week.


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