Day 13

I did not account for playoff football when agreeing to take on the Whole 30 challenge. Do you know what’s awesome? Watching the Packers win week after week. Want to know what’s not awesome? Watching the Packers win week after week with all your friends while they’re eating wings, chili, gumbo, cookies, puppy chow, jell-o shots and don’t forget all beer… how much I would give to not be on the Whole 30 during Packer parties. I have been very impressed at my willpower though. While all my friends ate tasty treats I snacked on an apple, Lårabar and LaCroix that Meg had pack for me to take to the party…not nearly the same. But, the Packers win and life goes on!!

Today I needed three items, so naturally I stopped at three different stores. Granted I ran in quick to CVS on my way to Meg’s to grab one of the items. So we’ll just say two items, two stores. We needed a roast and dairy free pesto [who knew they ever made such a thing!] Now, we knew Whole Foods had the pesto and Lunds did not, so Meg suggested I just go to Whole Foods, but you already know there was no way I was going to go to that meat department over Lunds. So off to Lunds, and boy did the Grocery gods reward me! BOGO on pork shoulders, so you just know I grabbed that deal to throw on in the crockpot for tonight’s dinner and snagged the second to save until I can properly slather that bad boy in BBQ sauce! Onward to Whole Foods. Know we knew they had this magical pesto that somehow contains no dairy, but I wasn’t sure where to find it. I asked the customer serivce rep at the front only for her to make a call and tell me that they don’t have it. Liar. So, I spent fifteen minutes scouring the store until I found it, only passing two stands handing out free cheese samples, free cheese, talk about willpower!

A quick lunch of a salad and kosher hot dogs before gametime got me through all the snacks until dinner of pork shoulder and veggies! Definitely need to take advance of more crock-pot meats. Tomorrow starts a new week with Meg’s actual breakfast bake that I can’t wait to enjoy again!


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