Day 12

Dear Whole Foods, you’re stupid and I’m over you. -Jor. But seriously, eighty five percent of what you have I can get at Lunds for twenty to thirty percent cheaper. Plus your store just smells weird. What’s the point of organic or GMO-free food anyway?? I want GMOs in my food… it’s more productive to grow food and feed people, and there are no health risks! Plus I feel good about eating GMOs knowing I’m helping small business such as DuPont and Monsanto. If you’re reading this and are thinking “Jor there actually is science proving GMOs aren’t good for you or it’s too early to confirm the effects,” let me stop you right there, that’s false science and you’re misinformed. Whole Foods sucks, the only good thing about Whole Foods was the three foot stuffed giraffe they had above one of the isles… not sure why they had that, but I’m not one to complain about plush giraffe toys.

Sooo today I went to Whole Foods, along with Target Grocery & Lunds. I’ve found out real quick that there are a lot of grocery runs when you’re on the whole 30, and it’s never just to one store, there have to be at the minimum two different stops and you’re bound to need some obscure item and need to ask someone in the store for help to find it (zoodles?) and half of the employees look at you like “what the hell did you just ask for??” Patience is really being tested/very slowly learned on the Whole 30.

Anyway, shopping for groceries was literally the only thing I did today. Like it’s the only real reason I left the house. No reason in particular, just when the temperature is in the single digits, you can’t consume alcohol or eat regular people food there just really isn’t a good reason to go anywhere… breakfast consisted of scrambled eggs, green peppers and coffee, followed up with a lunch of salad with chicken sausage, mixed greens, zucchini and a egg over medium. Dinner was another salad, a build-your-own from Lunds. That’s right Whole Foods, your salad bar is shit, where’s the meat!?? Followed by a post dinner snack of LaCroix.

Don’t worry folks, more grocery runs are on the horizon for tomorrow!


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