Day 9-10

I’m starting to become skeptical of my skepticism… Wednesday and Thursday continued with a surge of energy and positively and without that mid-afternoon crash feeling. There aren’t any good explanations, other than the Whole 30, and the increased caffeine consumption, which doesn’t explain the lack of a crash. This week has continued with eating the “breakfast scramble” following it up in the late morning with a banana and pear, some of Meg’s Shepard’s Pie for lunch and a late afternoon snack of deli turkey meat and green beans, but not without obstacles. Wednesday night Jimmy John’s was brought into the office and while the rest of my coworkers noshed on some tasty subs I was resigned to eating something called and unwich? which essentially was deli turkey meat and tomatoes wrapped in lettuce… I sadly forgot that JJ’s has an avocado spread, and the unwich was widely un-fulfilling. Thursday night Pizza Luce was brought into the office and while my cow-workers chowed down on some legit looking pizzas I was left to a complaint salad, which essentially consisted of leaves, and a few veggies… I don’t know if you’re reading this, but shouts out to Nancy for making the effort to get me compliant items to eat so I felt included!

People keep asking me how’s it going and is it difficult. Honestly, eating the food and avoiding the cravings has been much easier than I expected. Granted, Meg has done a fantastic job of shopping with me, meal prep & providing me with plenty of encouragement, and I wouldn’t have been able to do this without her. Overall though, I really haven’t had issues or cravings to eat the non-compliant items. It’s been generally pretty easy bringing the food into the office and eating throughout the day without going hungry. The difficult aspect has hands down been the social aspect, going out for drinks or dinner after work, and watching people eat things you can’t is by far the hardest part. All I wanted to do was eat a slice of that tasty cheese pizza staring me down Thursday night, or go home on Wednesday and open a bottle of wine while I munch on Trader Joe’s hot dogs, veggies, and potatoes, P.S. I miss the days when cheese, rather than potatoes were a major staple of my diet.

It is a little daunting to think that I’m only a third of the way through, that I still have twenty long ass days to go without dairy, alcohol, carbs or sugars. But I’m taking each day at a time. Like King Tut once said “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”


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