Day 11

Dear Whiskey, I miss you. Love, Jor.

Who am I? Today I passed on donuts, a taco bar and went into a bar for this first time where I sipped on a water while being asked if my genitals would grow back when the thirty days were up.  The last time I showed this much willpower  was…. [pauses for five minutes to think of when I actually did show this much willpower and realizes nothing tops this. I’ve never gone this long without cheese/dairy/carbs since I started eating solid foods at age two, or whatever age babies start eating solid foods.] So, it’s safe to say I’m feeling pretty proud of myself.

Food at work did not go as well as the rest of the week though. My last banana and pear where both quite mushy/brown and were better suited for the garbage than the my stomach. I’m over my breakfast scramble and have learned my lesson on mixing all the indgrdiants before baking them/just help Meg make it next week. The Shepard’s pie was gone and while my coworkers had a catered taco bar I had a taco salad, still pretty good, but some chips, sour cream and cheese would have gone a long way. I was surprisingly swamped on a Friday afternoon as I got all my work done before the long weekend. Before I headed out for the evening for a HH I finished off the Trader Joe’s hot dogs and deli turkey to avoid temptations as much as possible… I only wish I would have waited a little longer before eating on of the hot dogs so I didn’t burn the shit out of my mouth.

I could only muster about forty minutes at the Local Downtown alcohol free with the boys before I headed out… I was nice to catch up and chat for a little while, but it’s very unsatisfying standing around with your water while everyone else is sipping brews. Meg and I headed over to Chipotle by the lake, boy was that an experience. No guac and no veggies = no point. I mean come on, it’s 8:45 on a Friday and you’re open until 10PM, get your shit together. Also, why is there an employee just standing around in the back when there are six people in a line that is moving at a snails pace??? I was not happy and the hunger was starting to set in. Off to SLP to try a different Chiptole and thankfully they were fully stocked on ingredients #blessed. Thanks for putting up with me Meg…

All I want right now is for some ice cream to be in my life.


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