Day 8

For the majority of the day I was in a very positive mood. Now I’m skeptical that it’s W 30 related but nothing really stood out today to cause me to be so infectiously positive. It started off a little rough feeling groggy this morning waking up, which really is quite common, followed by scarfing down what can only be described as a “breakfast scramble”…not nearly as tasty as Meg’s bake. All day at the office though I was quite energized and chippy which continued later into the evening home.

Lunch consisted of Meg’s Shepard’s pie, and while of I was initially quite skeptical of it’s lack of crust, it turned out to be quite a tasty little treat! I had a little afternoon snack of deli oven roasted turkey meat which wasn’t nearly as tasty as last weeks honey oven roasted turkey meat. Meg did inform me that the honey roasted turkey wasn’t compliant, but come on people…there’s only so much you can expect of me here!

Dinner was a late one of kosher/compliant Trader Joe’s hotdogs along with more red potatoes and a salad consisting of cucumbers, avocados and dressing that is in fact compliant! However, dinner wasn’t until 8:30 and I really haven’t noticed myself being that hungry anymore. Can’t complain!

I also would like to take a minute to plug FX in their new show Taboo that premiered tonight, Tuesday, with Tom Hardy. Taking place in London in 1814 Tom Harry’s character has recently returned to London from working in Africa for the East India company. His father past and he has inebriated a piece of land in the new world. He has an odd/haunted past working in Africa and the show promises to be quite intriguing. Definitely recommend watching going forward!


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