Day 7

You know that feeling when you’re running a marathon and you hit “The Wall?” You just want to quit right then and there and lay down somewhere. Well I have no idea what that feeling is like. The longest distance I’ve ever run was a mile in high school for gym class, and that was painful enough, but I assume it’s a similar feeling as to what I’m going through right now…the transition to full crankiness occurred today. Maybe it has something to do with only sleeping for six hours last night, maybe my body is still adjusting to the lack of cheese being consumed, maybe it’s the frustration of not being able to eat or drink what I want, or some combination of all of the above. Either way all I want to do is guzzle LaCroix, eat sausage and sit my ass on the couch and watch the Tide run up the score, so that’s what I’m doing.

Today was the first time since I graduated that I actually took the time to make breakfast before heading off to work. More scrambled eggs, covered in another avocado with a Larabar and it was out the door. Overall it was a wildly unproductive day. All I can say is Meg made a good call of not eating my salad last night… apparently just throwing a bunch of compliant salad accoutrements into the bowl and drowning it in balsamic vinaigrette is not good… way too much artichoke, be glad you weren’t there. Afternoon hunger gave way to snacking on deli turkey and some carrots before heading out for the day.

I was mentally preparing for what awaited me at home; making the breakfast bake myself. Meg’s was real tasty  last week and I knew I had to live up the hype. She had provided me with all the ingredients, the baking pan, and detailed instructions. I got this! I followed instructions and prepared everything and threw it in the oven feeling pretty confident in what I had accomplished, and then I took it out…where I immediately realized there were issues. Most evident was the fact that I just tossed the ingredients into the pan and didn’t actually mix them up. There are pockets of Italian sausage, sweet potatoes and spinach. I also still don’t understand why it’s only an inch thick… I guess I’ll just be mashing this all together like a scramble tomorrow morning and eating as is… you can’t win them all I guess. Feeling semi-defeated I made dinner of compliant hot dogs, red potatoes and salad. Today’s lesson, I need a chaperone during meal prep.

I will say I am feeling accomplished that I’ve made it a week! Tomorrow’s a new day; more water, and more veggies lay on the horizon.


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