Day 6

Meg has politely informed me that my spelling is atrocious, and my grammar is sub-par. Again, I remind you that this is free blog that is mostly typed on my iPhone. None the less, I would still like to apologize to my ESL audience if this is hard to follow.

Day six started out as your average lazy Sunday. Slept in and made myself a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs, avocado, a banana and a LaraBar all washed down with a Lime LaCroix [really starting to push the boundaries with these LaCroixs!!] the morning proceeded with a nice cup of black coffee from Spyhouse and a little ambience to go along with. Then the lunch I had been dreading came. The last helping of the spaghetti squash. There were only two seeds left, but it did not go down smooth. I kept wishing the squash would magically turn into fresh pasta and that somehow parmesan cheese would appear; neither occurred, but I’m just happy that part of my life is behind me.

The excitement started around 1:30PM. Alex and I got the call that our friends were stranded in Wisconsin with a flat and we we’re tapped to go to their house to let the dogs out. Upon our arrival we we’re greeted from the kitchen island by a box of Cheez-Its staring us down. [Alex is also on the Whole 30 journey] We both wanted to just rip the box open and scarf those little crackers down. Cooler heads prevailed.

Back home it was nearing time to head over to our Friend’s for the Packer game where I assumed many tasty treats would be waiting. Wisely, I packed a bag of snacks I could eat and waited for Meg. We arrived and just as expected treats were prepared for the game. Fortunately I wasn’t too hungry and it didn’t prove too difficult to eat or drink compliant items while watching the Packers roll over the Giants. The game ended with high fives and it was time to forge for dinner.

Downstairs from their apartment a Whole Foods was waiting. We picked up a few items needed for the week and each made a salad for dinner. Meg dropped me off on campus for a meeting and went home to prepare the Shepard’s pie for the weeks lunch. I’m at the meeting, sitting down about to dig into this salad only to find that I had mistakenly grabbed Meg’s and not mine 😳 phone dead I had two options, go to town on her salad or wait until the meeting was over and exchange salads, assuming she didn’t eat mine…I was hungry and the salad was gone in four minutes. I felt a little guilty.

I called Meg upon getting home and found out she didn’t realize the salads had been switched and was slaving away in the kitchen over the Shepard’s pie…more guilt set in. I ran over to pick up my portion of the pie and my original salad for lunch on Monday. Feeling more guilty I took the ingredients to make breakfast bake week two on Monday; stay tuned for how that will go.

I’ll admit I was curious at Meg’s to see how all this was affecting my weight and weighed myself. Down two pounds in six days. Not entirely the transformation that I was hoping for after six days, but I’ll take it! Still 24 days left….


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