Day 2

Today I ate the worlds smallest apple. I reached into my bag and pulled out what I confusingly thought was a pool ball and finished the sucker off in four bites, but I digress.

Day two of the Whole 30 started like most other days, alarm, snooze, alarm, snooze, repeat, repeat, rush out of bed, shower, dress and head to the office, only after spending an extra thirty seconds in front of the fridge to determine what foods I would be eating today. Breakfast consisted of three parts: a banana around nine, more breakfast bake from yesterday around ten, and an apple and orange around eleven. [People kept asking me about the breakfast bake recipe, Meg says she got it from here: Meg later politely told me I’m eating too many fruits and should be consuming more veggies… Shortly after the bake was consumed we had a team meeting where we were reminded that we have a team appreciation breakfast on Friday full of scones, pastries, eggs cooked in butter, toast etc. etc. son of a B… looks like I’ll be enjoying some fresh fruit and more black coffee!!

Lunch proceeded same as yesterday with spaghetti squash… I’m going to eat the shit out of this stuff until it’s all gone. Mid-afternoon I became quite cranky…. I half attribute it to the lack sugar/carbs and half due to struggles at the office. I sank low in my chair, fired up some podcasts and made it through the afternoon with a little help from some cold cuts. Post work snacks consisted of something called a “Larabar”… the lemon flavor really wasn’t that bad, along with some re-heated baked veggies. I then headed off to Meg’s for one of the more tasty home cooked meals I’ve had in awhile! Chicken with apples and onions from the crockpot over a bed of cauliflower rice, a salad [really more just lettuce and avocados with homemade dressing]-still delicious… and some sweet potato, washed down with a good ole Curate LaCroix (whatever the hell that is)!

Day 2 & still feeling pretty good!


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