Day 1

So far the only thing easier than the Whole 30 was switching from whiskey diets to whiskey sevens. I woke up about forty minutes later than expected this morning after snoozing four times and was ready to take on the day. I grabbed a bag of food from yesterday’s meal prep [shouts out to Meg here for doing 99.5% of the meal prep; I did put the  spaghetti squash into the oven as well as open a jar of something at some point] and headed out the door. [also shouts out Melby for adding “shouts out” to my vernacular] I jumped in my uber* and was on my way to the office.

Breakfast consisted of two cups black coffee and a screen full of emails after being out of the office for five days. Mid-morning I realized how hungry I was and rememered Meg telling how important it is to eat a solid breaky while on the whole 30, so I dove into the tupperware. First up was an awesome breakfast bake that included eggs, Italian sausage, onions and sweet potatoes, followed by an orange that I found out halfway through the first wedge contained seeds.

Feeling charged and accomplished I began my late morning office socialization telling my coworkers about my endeavors. Generally the women applauded me and thought how great it was that I was trying  this out and improving myself while the men looked at me like I had volunteered to be  castrated.

I had a late morning apple and then lunch of  spaghetti squash with meat sauce, real tasty 👌🏼 I felt pretty solid all afternoon consciously trying to drink more water. And it wasn’t until late afternoon I started to get hungry again [ more snacks are needed for tomorrow]  I whipped up a quick dinner of half a sweet potato, two pork sausages from Target that are supposed to work for this and reheated some  baked zucchini broccoli and mushrooms all washed down with a lemon LaCroix [the transformation to basic is nearly complete]

Overall first first 24 hours haven’t had any issues or complications. Meal prep/knowing what you’re going to eat definitely make this easier, and I feel pretty good that I’ve eaten healthy and don’t really feel hungry or tired.

Until tomorrow!

*uber was cheaper than parking and much quicker than the bus


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